Metropolitan Crime Division


Metropolitan Crime Division has been established after the initiation of Metropolitan Police concept on 2063/08/01. Initially the Division was performing its operation with total manpower of 123 police personnel working under the command of Superintendent of Police. Now, the Division is serving with total of 140 police personnel under the command of Senior Superintendent of Police.

Organization Structure of MPO, Crime Division

To achieve our aim of making Kathmandu the safest major valley in the world. We work to prevent and investigate crime thereby fighting against the crime, reducing the risk and fear of crime in Kathmandu valley.

* Work within the Constitution of Nepal.
* Respect and impart co-operation.
* Act with un-biasness.
* Loyal to the organization without any compromise and personal benefit.
* Accountable to the decision and operations undertaken.
* Integrity and Professionalism.

 Manpower of MPO Crime Division

Rank Total
SP 2
DySP 4
Inspector 10
SI 33
ASI 47
HC 30
Constable 13
Followers 1
Total 141


Future Plans

  • Monitor underlying sections, sub-sections and units.
  • Investigate complex special crimes.
  • Make effective and efficient investigation in the Kathmandu valley.
  • Report the Metropolitan Police Commissioner regarding the progress of operations undertaken by the division and underlying sections and sub-sections.
  • Co-ordinate with Police Headquarter and other government departments regarding crime investigation and prevention.
  • Suggest to fight out problems encountered in crime investigation and prevention.
  • Maintain and update record of civilians of Kathmandu valley.
  • Stay alert to fight out possible crimes in Kathmandu valley.